To enter the Master's or Doctoral Degree Programs of PPGO you need to go through the Admission Process of the Program.

To participate in the Admission Process, you must register online via SIPOSG portal, at the address

Two Selection Processes are performed per year for admission to the PPGO, one in the month of November, for admission in March of the following year, and another in the month of May, for admission in August.

Extraordinary Selection Processes can be offered at any time of the year if there are quotas for scholarships in the program. Admission in the PPGO can also occurs through a Continuous Admission Process, if the Program's Professors have quotas for Master's or Doctoral Scholarships through research projects. Stay tuned for opportunities on the Program's website:

The tests can be conducted in several states of the country and abroad. For Doctorate admission process, interviews can be conducted remotely via digital communication.

In short, the Selection Processes of the PPGO consist of:

Master's Degree: English Language Interpretation Test (classificatory) and General and Specific Knowledge Test (eliminatory) in the areas of Physical, Chemical and Geological Oceanography; Analysis of Curriculum Lattes and Letters of Recommendation (classificatory).

Doctoral Degree: English Language interpretation Test (eliminatory); Preparation of Work Plan and Interview (eliminatory); Analysis of Curriculum Lattes and Letters of Recommendation (classificatory).

The amount of scholarships available in each Admission Process depends on the quotas made available by the Funding Agencies. The Program is open to internationalization initiatives and currently participates in the programs OAS (Program of the American States Organization) and PGCD (Science for Development Graduate Program), which have their own quotas of scholarships.