Curricular Structure

Curriculum Structure

The PPGO Curriculum Structure offers (i) Mandatory and (ii) Elective Courses. The current PPGO Disciplinary Framework aims to: (i) strengthen and expand the training of the Master and Doctoral Students of the Program in view of the international demands of Oceanography; (ii) encourage the renewal and updating of the syllabus of the subjects, encouraging classes with orientative methods instead of the classic expository format; (iii) better distribute the offer of subjects in the two semesters of the year; (iv) promote the leveling of students in oceanography.

Mandatory Courses

- Seminars I and II

- Undergraduate Teaching  Lectures I and II

- Scientific Methodology

Elective Courses - General Oceanography

- Descriptive Oceanography

- Integrated Oceanographic Processes

Elective Courses - Advanced Oceanography

- Marine Biogeochemistry

- Coastal and Marine Geology

- Geophysical Fluids Dynamics

Elective Courses - Specifics

- Estuarine And Coastal Hydrodynamics

- Satellite Oceanography

- Numerical Modelling

- Data Analysis Methods in Oceanography

- Water Mass Analysis

- Fluid Dynamics applied to river plumes

- Modelling of Turbulence

- Introduction to Submesoscale Dynamics

- Southern Ocean Integrated Oceanographic Processes

- Ocean Eddies

- Ocean and Climate

- Toxic Algae Bloom Compounds

- Organic Contaminant Processes

- Ecotoxicology as an Environmental Assessment Instrument

- Metal Pollutant Dynamics

- Toxicological Aspects of Phytotoxins Produced by Harmful Algae Blooms

- Morphodynamics of Coastal Evolution

- Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

- Coastal Depositional Environments

- Marine Diagenesis