Concentration Areas (AC) and Research Lines (LP)

AC1 - Ocean Physics and Climate:

LP1 - Dynamics of Oceans and Coastal Zones
LP2 - Antarctic Science and High Latitude Oceanography
LP3 - Oceans and Climate Change
LP4 - Applied Technologies: Instrumentation, Numerical Modeling and Remote Sensing

AC2 - Marine Biogeochemistry, Pollution and Ecosystems:

LP1 - Seawater Chemistry, Carbonate System and Ocean Acidification
LP2 - Physical-biological and biogeochemical interactions
LP3 - Aquatic Contamination and Ecotoxicology

AC3 - Marine and Coastal Geology:

LP1 - Environmental and Marine Geochemistry
LP2 - Evolution and Morphodynamics of Coastal Depositional Environments
LP3 - Paleontology, Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography